Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Parasitic Twin Growing Inside Girl's Chest

The little girl kept complaining about pain in her chest
and it wasn't from eating too many chili dogs at a
baseball game. During exploratory surgery, doctors
in New Delhi, India discovered the 6-year-old girl had
a jaw growing in her chest. The jaw was putting pressure on the girl's heart and lungs, causing her much pain.
It was eating her alive! Sorry.

According to Dr. Yogesh Kumar Sarin, who headed the operation, "It must have been growing inside the child since she was born. It had well-developed teeth and even a tongue." Sarin went on to explain that the condition, known as Incomplete Twinning, happens when a few growth cells remain in a person's body after birth. Had it not been detected, the jaw could have continued growing for up to 30 years and become cancerous.

No details on if that means it would have grown into a whole head, or a huge whale-like mouth or why the HELL someone wouldn't notice this inside you for 30 years, say for example if your chest started yelling at you one day for having too many blankets on at night.

Hey! Anyone see "Alien"?

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