Thursday, September 18, 2008

The baby turtle born with two-heads

It is the baby turtle that proves two heads really are better than one.

While its siblings grow at a the usual steady pace, this tiny creature is speeding ahead.

The reason for its extraordinary growth spurt is simple: having two heads mean it eats twice as fast.

Staff could have been forgiven for thinking they were seeing double when the turtle turned up at the Water World aquatic farm at Wuwei town in Anhui, eastern China.

They had ordered a shipment of babies from a local farm - and discovered that one of them had two heads.

It weighed just 17g when it arrived at the centre but is now thriving.

Water World spokesman Jimmy Hu said: 'We got it two weeks ago and it's growing fast, probably because it can eat twice as fast as the others.

'It was mixed among many other turtles and we only discovered it this week.'

Mr Hu added: 'It's very rare to see a turtles with two heads, we plan to keep it and raise it carefully for future research.'

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