Saturday, January 3, 2009

Setor Original...The Gifted Artist

No, this is not a paid advertisement. Nor am I getting any interests or commissions out of this post, which is of a fine artist, now based in Batu Ferringhi, Penang, Malaysia.

Setor, born and educated in Malaysia and attended Malaysia Institute of Arts (Diploma in Graphic Design) in Kuala Lumpur, has been painting Watercolors painting, Chinese brush painting and Hand-painted T-shirts for more than 15 years, and sold more than 2,000 pcs of his paintings since 1990.

All paintings, hand painted t-shirts, bookmarks, greeting cards , etc are original paintings or only one in the world. In other word-truly unique!

If anyone of you had the good luck of buying his hand-painted t-shirts, please wear it and take a photo and e-mail it to me at , so that I could post it here, ok!

Setor's own label...

His store...In Batu Ferringhi, Penang

And...His paintings (Part collection) Impossible to post all here.

His Location...

And lastly, his own blog:

Well, I've met him personally last year (2008), and witnessed him drawing a painting with full dedication and speed. Also, he happens to be a friend's future brother-in-law (Hi, Steven! When you read this, coffee on you :) )


Ann said...

Well done !
Keep it up ! like to see more of ur art work...... :) Ann

bosun said...

Great drawings, there are so many talented people that need the exposure, I am like you I love to help people out by publishing something on their talents good one

Ah Lock said...

Yup, talents need to be exposed so that more people could appreciate them. If you know of any talents that need the exposure, please provide me the details and I'll gladly feature them in my blog. Btw, thanks for visiting!

qiwoman said...

I would love a painting when I get my own house one day,. I will bookmark this.I wonder if he sends abroad?

Ah Lock said...

qiwoman: I've done a search on his website. It states that they do take online orders, but I don't know the links to the 'online' order. So, the other alternative will be to e-mail your enquiries to them at

Please will you do me a favor? When you do purchase a painting from him, will you mind taking a photo and e-mail it to me to be featured on my blog?

The Bosun said...

Ah Lock Hi sorry to let you know that Entrecard gave me an exitcard for what reason they would not say ..really beats me? ok it was great dropping with you take care and you will see me around the two elephants wandering there is still One World One Reason



TH said...

Penang, I have not go there for many years. I will check his blog

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

oh, wow.....awesome work! LOVE the warrior on th ehorse, the dragon, the tiger.....amazing!

LY said...

Wow wonderful creations. I hope I have that kind of talent.
By the way, is it ok to exchange links with you? i appreciate it.


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