Monday, April 27, 2009

What Was That ???

A friend send me this video and reminded me to watch it. Obediently, I click on the link, hoping its not one of those dumb prank videos where a horror picture suddenly appear at the end of the video.

What greeted me was something unexpected. Its a sea creature. And never in my life did I see such creature before. Does anybody know what this creature is? I wonder if this creature is in wikipedia. How do I refer to wiki if I don't know the name of this creature?

Here is the video. This creature looks weird and 'vulgar' when flipped over. And it was bigger than I though. At the end of the video...something unexpected happened and I couldn't help but to...LAUGH!


LiquidSilver said...

It looks like 2 dumb creature abusing a unique animal..that's what its look like..

nurinkhairi said...

that was funny! you can hear the japanese people admiring (i think its admiring, when you make the "woah" sound..i may be wrong) the creature every single second.
thanks for dropping by my blog!

Blog Experience Shared said...

I know what it looks like *LMAO*
and when it started to "vomit" man, those jacka** sure got some payback from the creature.

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