Thursday, May 13, 2010

Playing Music to Dairy Cows Brings More Milk

For the 860 dairy cows that live on a farm in a village in central China’s Henan Province, music makes their day and helps them to produce more milk!

Their breeder, Guo Zhixin, claims that playing music to his cows for an hour every day produces more than one kilo of milk from every cow, every day of the year resulting in 700 yuan (about $102 dollars) more worth of milk every year.

While it seems incredible, Guo is convinced it works and has the milk to prove it. He got the idea to try music on his cows after reading about another farmer’s success in a foreign cow magazine. (Is there really such a thing?)

We have always known that animals hear differently than humans. Dogs, cats and horses not only hear two to three times more than humans do, they also can hear sounds faster and from much further way than their human counterparts.

Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that for an animal, their interaction to the world is a based on smell, the need for food and reactions to the sounds and noises that surround them.

From the point of view of owners, this makes an animal’s sensitivity to sound an important aspect of pet ownership education. The acute sense of sound is perfect in the wild where animals can move freely away and toward sound.

In homes and barns created by humans where movement is restricted, animals may often develop separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms and aggressive behaviors.

Still, it seems that for cows to fit into this picture is a bit far out, but then again so was the idea of rubbing two sticks together to make fire at one time in our thinking.

One can only wonder where this insight may lead as far as cows and other fine creatures of the universe are concerned.

Is there a chance that in the world to come where wonders never cease that cows might one day be composing music (or at selecting what they would like to hear)?

Perhaps a prodigy will soon burst upon the musical/farm world?

Welcome, Moothoven.

Go figure.

What do YOU think about this?


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