Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Coconut Supposed To Be Healthy...?

As I grow older, I also grew confused by the science world. Since small, I was warned never to consume too much food with coconut milk such as curry, nasi lemak (Rice cooked with coconut milk), desserts such as mo mo cha cha and the like. Its full to the brim with saturated fat, and very bad for the heart.

Now, some doctors claimed they have done some extensive research on coconut oil and that...

* Coconut oil actually helps you lose weight and beautify your skin and hair!
* Helps protect against heart disease (Funny, all my life, I thought they caused heart disease!), cancer, diabetes, and many other degenerative diseases.
* Fights viruses and bacterias thus helping to strengten your immune system!

How's that? Believe? Of course the coconut oil I refer to is not the hydrogenated coconut oil, oil derived from coconut milk by way of heating the milk, but virgin coconut oil, which is oil derived from coconut milk by way of fermentation. I'll include a few links and you decide yourself. Who knows, someone out there may actually benefit from this little piece of information.

The above sites are not created by me nor am I related to them in anyway. Should you decide to follow some of their remedies, get the advise of your doctor if you are suffering from any chronic disease.

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