Monday, December 8, 2008

Guardian angel in the way

"I was staying with my mother for a short time, and to make a long story short we had a terrible relationship. I lived with her for three months and she wanted $3000 dollars from me for it (although I was raised a foster kid, so its not like she ever did anything for me before). Anyway, I didn't have the money so she decided she would keep all my stuff, including personal items and even all my baby's stuff. We made a deal that she could keep my TV (the one in the photo), if she let me have everything else of mine. So, it was agreed. I was then planning on going to court after I moved out from her house, to get the TV back, since I still have to pay for it. The reason I was taking this photo was to have a visual aid for the judge (even though I didn't need it because I had receipts). What blew me away was this was the only photo that I was trying to take and I couldn't get it to come out, because I believe this angel in the photo was purposely in the way! I didn't pursue getting the TV from her, so she still has it. I think this angel was telling me it just wasn't worth it. I have seen the angel a few times since, but not in any other photos..."

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