Sunday, December 7, 2008

Youngest Mom at 5

One of the photographs meanwhile that changed medical history is that of Lina Medina, the youngest mother who gave birth at the age of five. Born in Peru in 1933, Lina was brought to the local hospital by her parents because of an increasingly enlarged belly, which they first thought of a tumor. After a series of tests however, the doctors confirmed that she was seven months pregnant. A month later Lina gave birth to a baby boy whom she named Gerardo, after her doctor.

Lina Medina is the first known case of precocious pregnancy, and based on studies it was shown that she had an advanced menarche development resulting to menstruation at the age of 8 months, prominent breasts upon turning four, and bone maturation at age 5.

Her son Gerardo was first raised knowing that Lina was his sister, but eventually he found out that she was his mother at the age of 10. In 1972, Lina married and gave birth to her second son, 33 years after Gerardo was born. Gerardo soon died seven years later at the age of 40, due to a bone marrow disease. Lina, who is now aged 74, continues to live with her husband in Chicago, Chico, in Lima, Peru.


Zen Ventures said...

This is insane and creepy! Makes you wonder about how could a 5 yr old be precocious at such a young age even though she is well developed beyond her age! ah the mystery of human insanity!

Ah Lock said...

Maybe it was her well developed 'assets' that was attracting unwanted attention on herself. Its a pity her son (From that birth) died at a young age of 40 due to bone marrow disease.

The Fitness Diva said...

That is amazing and unbelievable! I'd never ever heard about this, and didn't even know that it was medically possible.

Funny, they make no mention of who was the father... He should have been put in jail.

Utah Mommy said...

What a very shocking story indeed! I can't believe how a little girl gave birth to a baby boy.

Ah Lock said...

Lina's own dad was temporarily jailed on suspision of incest as Lina refused to disclose who the father of her baby was. He was released later due to lack of evidence.

VitaMan said...

Holy crap!
And she survived a pregnancy at that age?

She musta been reading my blog! ;-)

JeD Chan said...

Wow! never thought that this would be even possible. Thanks for this information. wow life is really unpredictable. ;)


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