Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Overlooked Again and Again

For the past few months, I think I am under a curse. People keep forgetting my food orders!

There was a blog that intro a place, a foodcourt in Kampar, where the food was reported to be very popular with the locals. In the mood for some light traveling (Kampar town is about 38KM from my home) one Sunday morning, a few months back, I decided to pay this place a visit.

Arriving with a few friends, we were still early enough to catch a crowd at the morning market nearby. There were more foodstalls than what I have imagined, more people than what I've anticipated. I hate crowdy places, but you don't travel 40 KM just to make an U turn because of some crowds. So, I found myself not so comfortably seated with the noisy crowds.

Looking around, hey, to my delight, there was a stall that sell my favourite food, the wanton mee (Picture, courtesy of google image search).

I love my wanton mee with some curry soup, which not many stalls have, but this one did! Perfect!!! So, I was back at my table with my friends, patiently waited for the food to arrive. And waited I did. Nah...after a good half an hour of waiting, it did not arrive. My friends urged me to remind the hawker, which I did not in the mood wanted to pass the crowd again. So, I decided to randomly order my breakfast from another stall nearby, which looked less crowded. Again, my second order was 'conveniently' forgotten'.

How's that for my visit to the 'popular with locals' foodcourt? Nah, don't think I'd be visiting this crowded place again.

A few weeks later, on a rainy night, a friend and I was around town trying to find a decent place to dine. Since it was a public holiday, two days straight, a lot of people from outstation came back and that explains the unusual crowd at most popular dining places.

At long last, we manage to locate a modest place which were not too crowded, easy to find parking (Raining, we have to find somewhere easy for us to get down without getting ourselves wet).

The owner of the restaurant were busy waiting at the next table, so we sat patiently waiting for our turn to place our order. Waited we did (Again...) Nah, the owner of the place went straight to the kitchen after taking down our next table's order and did not seem interested to come out to take our order. After 15 mins of waiting, we decided enough was enough, we made a dash for the exit...

Did the jinx happen after that? You bet! Just a few days ago, I was lamenting my luck of always being forgotten when it strike again as recently as today!

I was in Ampang and decided to nip to a nearby restaurant for a chicken rice lunch. The jinx strikes again. My order was forgotten. I reminded the wife. The hubby looked up at me and remarked "Oh! You waited long..." Glad that I broke the jinx this time round, I sat down and...waited. What happen to my chicken rice order???? Despite reminders, I was forgotten again! Should I throw a tantrum? Nah...not my style to create a scene. So, I stood up, and walked out the door...sad that life must treat me like this.

I walked to nearby Sun Yeong Wai Restaurant. It was closed. Due to CNY celebration? Oh, never mind. Further down, Oldtown Kopitiam is open so I walked in, placed my order and to my relieve, my lunch was served within 5 mins. By this time, my tummy was groaning with hunger (Did not have breakfast, you see...).

Oldtown Kopitiam (One of the outlets, photo courtesy of Google Image Search)

Will this jinx/curse end?


lina said...

LOL. Poor you. Hope you already break the curse by now, otherwise there'll be endless wait for food for you!

ahlock said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Me hope too. Can't forget the many times, some not mentioned because they are not main meals.

Windmill said...

Hello ahlock,

Kindly pick up your Award at:



carmel said...

Ooh.. that sucks. I have no patience for. good for them that it was you because if it happen to be me. I have probably yelled at them.
lol. I would probably have cried.

ahlock said...

Windmill: Thanks for the 'award'. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with this 'award'. Thanks anyway.

Carmel: I'm not the kind of person who likes to create a scene and attracts unwanted attention upon myself. So, what to do other than to grind my teeth and bear with it. Its not a nice feeling seeing patrons after you being served, and patrons after them being served too while you sit there like a fool.

Remind them, you may suggest, like what my friends suggest. Yeah, after a few times, you just prefer to walk out the premise. No more appetite for food.

J2Kfm said...

hahaha... that was really some strokes of bad luck ... back to back eh?

the wantan mee stall in the market ah? which one? heheheh .. (heartless me only care bout food eh?)

ahlock said...

J2Kfm: Yup, the wanton mee in the market foodcourt in Kampar.

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