Thursday, February 26, 2009

Study Finds Sunny Side of Eggs

Despite decades of advice that the cholesterol in eggs is bad for you, researchers now report evidence that eggs might actually reduce high blood pressure.

The scientists found egg proteins that, in laboratory simulations of the human digestive process, seem to be as good as common prescription medications for lowering blood pressure.

However, it should be noted that funding for the research came from livestock and poultry industry groups. And the researchers emphasized that further study is needed to determine if the proteins actually work in humans.

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Rich Dansereau said...

This is indeed great news. I have laying hens that produce organic eggs. They lay so many that I supply fresh eggs for free to my relatives and neighbors!

As a vegetarian, eggs are a good source of protein for me and I eat them nearly every day.

Bill said...

I think a couple of eggs a week does hurt the body. we have to do it in moderation like everything else. Have a great one.

G. said...

Well egg whites are just as good I guess, but I don't think I would trust a person's blood pressure to eggs just yet.

And thanks for the EC drop!

Angie R said...

Eggs are banned from my kitchen, for now. My boy has just recovered from Salmonella which the doctor believes, was obtained from having too many half-boiled eggs.

foodbin said...

eggs are the cheapest source of protein.

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