Thursday, February 5, 2009

Video Of My Cousin, Maggie.

During Chinese New Year this year, my cousin bro Michael produced some studio photos of our cousin sister, Maggie which was taken to celebrate her birthday. Something else caught my eye. A CD. Great! The CD must be where her digital photos were stored.

I've a soft spot for digital photos. Especially portraits. Because I've a deep interest in producing slide shows out of them. My skills are still not up to par, that's why I love to get hold of photos to practise with, so that someday, I'd be able to create masterpiece slide shows out of digital photos.

Below is the video I create. Hope you like it!

My Cousin Maggie - Click here for funny video clips

Simply titled "My cousin Maggie". Well, she's gentle, charming, and most of all, beautiful and sexy. What do you think?


Bizphere said...

Hi Ahlock.. truly your cousin is beautiful but I think, judging from your blog and your photo, you have the natural charm and inner beauty that I appreciate more.

If only we were just neighbors.. :-)


Bill said...

hey friend just stopping to see you. have great weekend.

S0l0 said...

What's a pitty I can't see your clip. But I guess your cousin is very beautiful because you are lol

ahlock said...

Why can't you see the clip? You must have disabled scripts from your browser. Here's the link:

foodbin said...

you are creative no doubt about it

Gregorio said...

Really quite a good slide show.I agree,your cousin is a beautiful girl.Good luck in all your projects I believe you will do very well.

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